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July 2013

 FY14 Cabinet

Helen Colvin



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 Ann Culver
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Allison Tegtmeier

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Volunteer/Outreach Opportunity at the Science Center of Iowa 


On Friday, August 9, SCI is having an engineering themed day as part of the week-long SciGirls day camp. The overall goal for SciGirls is to spark an interest in science in young girls and perhaps inspire them to become scientists. We are invited to be Guest Experts to speak as a panel to the girls, who are in 5-6th grades. This a great opportunity for girls to learn about us as engineers and what we do, and why we do it, so that the girls will think to themselves, "Someday I want to be a scientist (or engineer)!  The panel will take about 45 minutes, and we have the option of either 11AM or 1PM


If you would like to participate, please contact Helen at by Wednesday, July 31, and indicate which time(s) work for you.

Additionally, we have the opportunity to do a similar panel sometime the week of August 12 for "The Big Build", a camp for boys and girls in grades 5-8 focused on construction and engineering. Again let Helen know your availability by July 31. If there is enough interest, we will have a second great opportunity to share our engineering experiences.


Visit for more information about both camps, 

The All-Iowa SWE Conference is this Saturday, July 27th!


Space is limited, but there's still time to register.  The conference will be held on the University of Iowa campus from 12:30 to 4:30.  The keynote address from Jo Miller is entitled "Building Your Brand as an Emerging Leader". Visit for additional details and online registration.

Volunteers Needed for Region Committees

Region H is looking for volunteers to fill several committee positions.  Any paid SWE member is eligible to serve in a chair or committee member role.  You don't have to have previous Region experience to volunteer.
Commitee chairs are still needed for:
  • Leadership Pipeline Member Program
  • Celebrate SWE
  • Fund Development
Other committees include:
  • Procedures - Our own Allison Tegtmeier is co-chair!
  • Communications
  • Collegiate Transition Party (at Region H Conference)
  • Awards
If you are interesting in serving SWE at the Region level as a chair or committee member, email the Region H Governor, Jenny Morikawa at

Note from the President


Welcome to a new Fiscal Year for SWE! Our new Executive Council is getting settled in and we have a lot of great events planned for the coming year including professional development, social and networking, and opportunities to interact with collegiate members at ISU. Please stay tuned to this newsletter for all event updates.


One exciting piece of news is that as of right now, we are at 53 members, bringing our section up to the Medium size for (I believe) the first time in our nearly 20 year history. (Section members who've been around since the beginning are welcome to correct me there!) Hopefully everyone will renew their Society dues, allowing us to hold on to this historic milestone. The "drop date" is in September, so you still have time to do that, or to pay your dues for the first time, or reinstate your membership if you let it lapse last year.


A big driver of this increase in membership - at this time last year we were at around 35 members - is the new Corporate Sponsored Dues initiative that John Deere is helping to pilot. I'd like to welcome all our new members including those Deere employees, and would like to encourage anyone eligible to take advantage of Deere's program to do so.


If this is your first newsletter, we send them out monthly and include section event updates and Society and Region information we've been asked to pass along to you. You can opt out at any time, and if you do so I'd recommend updating your email opt-out preferences in your Member Profile on Paid section members will still be contacted about section business such as elections. You can sign up an alternate email address from our section website, - your friends and colleagues are welcome to sign up as well, so please pass this along to them! We also post the newsletters to our Facebook page (which we encourage all our members to "Like", which you can do via the link at the left) so that you can "share" them with others who might be interested in the opportunities and events.


Again, welcome, and thank-you to everyone for your interest in Heart of Iowa SWE.
Find more details about upcoming events at